How it Works


Genba allows teams to complete workflows by voice, and delivers insights in real time from the floor, all without requiring changes to your existing CMMS.

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At a Glance

Built for Technicians

Genba is intentionally designed “bottom up” for the people that are directly responsible for keeping the plant running. Software should work for technicians, not against them.


Genba is trained on your specific vocabulary so that it delivers accurate value on day 1 (and gets better with time).

Wicked Simple

Genba is simple by design so that technicians can focus on the job. Every technician can use genba easily.


Genba integrates with your existing system to uncover insights and pass new information back in.

NOT Just a Front-end

Genba goes well beyond mobile work order management. Consider genba your intelligent maintenance assistant, answering questions like “Has this problem happened before?”

NOT a Database

Genba provides intelligence and insights, but doesn’t claim to be a system-of-record. You already have one, and likely don’t want the hassle of swapping it out.

built to get the job done

The Technician Experience

Prioritized Work Orders

Launch Genba to see things like...
  • Prioritized work orders by type
  • If any machines are down
  • Outstanding work from the last shift

Contextual Knowledge On Demand

See critical asset information within any work order such as...
  • Maintenance history
  • PM schedule
  • Related parts & inventory levels
  • Important FYIs from the team
  • Training & more

Complete Job Notes by Voice

Push-to-talk at any point during the job to capture work and troubleshooting steps. We understand your specific language. You have complete control of transcriptions.

Create, Manage and Close Work Orders from the Floor

Complete your job with a few clicks, then move onto the next task without having to remember stuff for later...
  • Create, edit and close WOs
  • Claim unassigned WOs

Cascade Work Seamlessly to Incoming Shift

Allow technicians to push critical information and unfinished Work Orders to the incoming shift so nothing is dropped.
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