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Will speech to text work in noisy environments?

We’ve successfully tested genba in facilities with consistent environmental noise of up to 85 decibels. If you work consistently with higher noise levels, it is still possible to use genba with a bluetooth headset or overcome the noise by holding the phone’s microphone much closer to your mouth.

Does Genba capture 100% of my team's speech?

Our speech-to-text technology is incredibly sophisticated and captures everything, with enough tact to automatically censor any less-than-professional language.

Does Genba work with the software I'm already using?

Genba is an open system, designed to plug-and-play with most maintenance software on the market. Contact us to see if your current systems are compatible.

Is it difficult to onboard new users to Genba?

We’ve designed Genba very intentionally to be incredibly simple and intuitive, and field tests with maintenance teams are always ongoing.

Does it really work like you say?

Yes! Genba conjoins world-class speech and intelligence technology with intentional user experience design, built in partnership with maintenance managers and technicians just like yourself.