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The manufacturing floor is one of the world’s most essential value-creators, but today’s frontline industrial teams are “getting by” with software that is not designed for their workflows nor equipped to manage their critical tribal knowledge.

We empower the frontline industrial workforce with the most straightforward, dependable and intelligent software in the world, built specifically for them.

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Your intelligent maintenance assistant.

How it works

Save Hours per Shift

Eliminate the time and headache of typing reports, running to the maintenance office, and searching for information. Genba’s voice-driven mobile platform saves one hour per technician per day.

Capture Critical Knowledge

Capture rich job details with every work order simply by talking your way through jobs in real-time. Genba’s speech-to-text algorithm is trained on your team’s custom vocabulary, ensuring consistent and accurate data.

Get Insights

Has this problem happened before? Who worked on this asset last? What parts are usually charged to this asset? Genba leverages the information you already have to answer these questions and more in real time from the floor. Troubleshoot faster.


Genba integrates with your current software, eliminating the need for complex and costly system changes.


Technicians love Genba because it’s insanely easy to use. Managers love Genba because it can be deployed in a single day.


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